Chuck McGee gets CDP Certification

Chuck McGee, CGC received the Certified Development, Design and Construction Professional (CDP) designation. Chuck was a part of the 2007 Inaugural Class that was launched by ICSC. This is a new global professional designation for individuals in the development, design, and construction fields.

“A recipient of ICSC’s prestigious CDP designation is recognized as someone who possesses in-depth experience, skills, knowledge and understanding of development, design, construction and operations of shopping centers and other retail-related facilities. The CDP Certification Program identifies a person who has taken the time and made the effort to gain a very high level of expertise in the entire retail development process. The CDP designation is a distinction over and above the specialty professional designations commonly held by architects, engineers and contractors. Those specialty professional designations indicate an ability to design and construct, while the CDP designation signifies that a person’s knowledge and abilities specifically pertain to retail development, design and construction. When working with a CDP, clients and employers will know that certified individuals have pledged to abide by a Code of Professional Ethics and moral standards in their business relationships, and that those individuals are knowledgeable and highly trained professionals who specialize in retail development, design and construction. Those with the prestigious CDP designation are recognized as professionals who have demonstrated their experience and knowledge in retail development, design and construction, and are held in the highest esteem within the retail industry and business world."