Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, AVID's Surveying Team provides comprehensive surveying services for public projects and private, commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects.

All of the survey equipment in the world is worthless without the right people to make it productive. We consistently strive to stay ahead of the technological curve and encourage all of our employees to keep current with their education. This investment in our people is the most important thing we bring to the table.

An experienced surveyor is invaluable in the initial survey review of any particular project. AVID's surveying team has worked in their field of expertise for many years and possess extensive first-hand knowledge regarding potential pitfalls and mistakes that can be avoided.

This proactive approach provides our clients with a better understanding of their project and projected cost upfront.

Our goal is to provide our clients with good guidance in making their decisions.

Our Surveying services include:

Right-of-Way Surveys

Topographic Surveys


Tree Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Jurisdictional Surveys

Construction Layout Services

ALTA Surveys